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Its been a while since I've last visited a cafe, let alone one within Western Sydney! I've been to this cafe a few times previously, and I honestly quite enjoy all the dishes I have ordered so far, which isn't that much but it's still pretty good! I remember the first time I visited the cafe I had a lot of trouble finding it because I've never really noticed it whenever I have walked past it, and it honestly just looks like a tiny little coffee shop from the front. So it took a solid 10 minutes of walking around (constantly walking past the cafe) before X and I realised where it was. Turns out, most of all the seats and tables are inside the cafe WAY past the front, where all the coffee machines and the kitchen are, to get to the back.

It's actually a really cute and hipster cafe, which is quite a gem to find within Western Sydney! I'm sooo happy to find an awesome cafe closer by than Parramatta or Fairfield that's actually good! We came in around 10:30 for the breakfast menu, which ends at 11:30am, and there were around 3 other customers already sitting within the cafe. Around 12pm it gets really packed, but not to the point where you have to wait in line or anything, which is really nice!

For the day, X ordered the Uovo In Pomodoro ($15) with a Cappuccino ($3.50) and I ordered the Bacon and Egg Brioche ($9) with a latte ($4). The waiting time was pretty long, at least 20-25 minutes went by before we received our dish and my coffee was pretty cold by the time it came so that was pretty disappointing.


The Bacon & Egg Brioche | Provolone, R&C Hollandaise and Smokey Barbecue ($9)
To be honest, I was pretty devastated to see that they popped the egg before they gave me my dish because you know THE YOLK IS THE BEST PART! And they just had to take that away from me, sadly. Oh wells, it was a pretty awesome Bacon and Egg Brioche that tastes just like Maccas bacon and egg McMuffin except a lot better! The bun was so soft and slightly sweet, which offset the saltiness of the bacon and BBQ sauce really well! What I hate about Macdonalds McMuffin is that the egg is cooked in that circle mold, making it extremely thick and boring to eat, so I'd say that was definitely a plus considering it was cooked in a way/shape that I enjoyed 10x more. The only real downside of this dish is that it is definitely not filling, I was about just half way from being full when I finished this burger. Other than that, it was pretty good and I'd definitely recommend it since it is a pretty simple and yummy dish. I mean, how can you go wrong with bacon and eggs, right? :L

Uovo In Pomodoro | Free Ranged Egg Poached With Chorizo, Spinach, Pomodoro Sauce in a clay pot served with toasted Sourdough Bread ($15)
X's Uovo In Pomodoro, that is pretty much just Baked Eggs were pretty mediocre with nothing very special about it. A very simple and enjoyable dish that I found a lot better than the Baked Eggs at Fouratefive as it wasn't nearly as soupy or tomato-y as that dish, and was pretty bearable to eat luckily! The bread was soaked in a bit of honey and oil, but was still rock solid since it is sourdough bread, but was pretty tasty just on its own since I like honey bread. Overall, I would definitely recommend this dish if you're really craving some baked eggs because this dish was pretty good, and pretty basic.

Latte ($4)

Cappuccino ($3.50) 

I definitely wouldn't say this place has amazing coffee, it was okay with nothing particularly spectacular about it. Much preferred the Cappuccino from The Rustic Pearl honestly. 

Uovo In Pomodoro | Cappuccino | Latte | Bacon & Egg Brioche
I love the conveniency of how close this cafe is to my area so I'm 100% sure that I'll be back, I definitely want to try their Big Brekky, since I'm craving and I haven't had it in a while since Paper Places Cafe (haven't blogged about it yet but will soon). Their Panini's are also really great as well, especially their Chicken Cotoleta Panini, and its great! The only downside about this cafe would be that they let you self serve yourself water, which is great BUT I've found that ALL of the cups that they give are DIRTY (I've checked every time I've been there) and their water is infused with lemon and other herbs, which I don't find quite refreshing at all. Other than that, I'm still a pretty happy camper so I'd definitely recommend this cafe.

Ristretto & Co Cafe


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