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Having been quite busy lately, I've realised that I haven't been spending as much quality time with my family, especially my cousin L. I've known L since she was born and although we're 7 years apart, we've always been able to connect and get along (most of the time anyways :L). Since I promised her I would take her out to more restaurants about a year ago, before uni started, it was time I kept my promise and so I brought her to Kanzo because we both absolutely LOVE Japanese food. I've been here a few times and the sushi is delicious! The restaurants' interior, however, is not very pretty and is quite small to what I had originally imagined but the food definitely makes up for it! I guess you could say "Don't judge a book restaurant by it's cover interior design"!

For the day, we ordered Grilled Salmon Rolls ($16), Teriyaki Salmon with Rice and Miso Soup ($15), and a Seaweed Salad ($3). It was pretty packed when we came in (during lunch hours) as it is quite a small little restaurant and the service was pretty average, with attentive and happy staff members. However, despite being packed, our food arrived quite shortly after ordering, which was great because we were both starving!

Kanzo :D
The Grilled Salmon rolls contained tempura prawn and avocado (wonderful combination IMO). Whereas for the other dish, the salmon was doused with teriyaki sauce and a combination of tiny vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. The miso soup was quite flavourful, tasty and hot (thankfully)! The seaweed salad was pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary which was great.

Grilled Salmon Rolls ($16)
L and I shared the dishes and we both agreed that the Salmon Rolls were amazingly delicious! You didn't even need to dip it in soy sauce because the sauce on top was more than enough to enhance the flavour of the rolls. My only complaint would be that the seaweed was very dense and tough to bite through and since these rolls are honestly quite large (could barely fit half in my mouth) it was very difficult to eat as we both ended up becoming very messy afterwards. (Definitely worth it though) Other than that though, these rolls were definitely top notch, as none fell apart when picked up, which means that the correct type of rice is being used and is being rolled properly. I'd definitely recommend these any day and have been coming back here quite a few times just for this!

Teriyaki Salmon with Rice & Miso Soup ($15)
The Teriyaki Salmon on the other hand, it was a little overcooked the time that I went with L, and as a result it wasn't as lovely and tender as it should have been but was still quite delicious! Maybe I'm just picky but my cousin absolutely loved it, however, it was her first time trying it so maybe that's why. The salad it came with was doused with sesame oil and tasted very yummy, I enjoyed it thoroughly! It wasn't a bad dish at all, the flavours were all there, just the salmon was not as tender as it should have been sadly. I would still recommend this dish but not nearly as much as the Grilled Salmon Rolls!

Close up of the Teriyaki Salmon :D

Overall, I've always enjoyed going to Kanzo much more than the usual Japanese chains like Sushi Bay or any of the sushi restaurants in Cabramatta to be honest. It is to some extent on par with Wagaya, maybe it's even better who knows. Either way, it is relatively cheap and I always enjoy myself whenever I come to Kanzo. Therefore, I definitely know I'll be coming back for more and will try to order something different next time (if I can resist the Grilled Salmon Rolls)!

Afterwards, L and I went to watch "Into the Woods" and it was okay I guess, no where as great as Big Hero 6 or Interstellar. I'd rather download it I mean buy it and watch it at home than watch it at the cinemas. Either way, I love watching movies or anything theatre related :)

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