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Out and about with X the other day, I decided that we needed to try out another cafe along Crown Street in Surry Hills as we've only been to Rustic Pearl. I've only recently started trying out new/different dishes and cuisines and I am loving it! It is soo much fun increasing the amount of variety I have in my life, and to some extent, X's life as well (since I drag him around where ever I go!) As a result, we decided to try out Fouratefive as it's one of the closest cafe's along Crown Street to Central Station (X felt pretty tired as we woke up quite early to get ready for breakfast as we had a long night the day before). We arrived around 11:30 am and it was PACKED! We had to wait in line for 15-20 minutes before eventually being seated, and the line only got longer and longer during our meal together. Most of the cafe's along Crown Street are quite small and packed in for the most amount of efficiency.

For the day, I ordered the Moroccan Style Baked Eggs with Almonds, Organic Feta & Sourdough Bread ($17), and X ordered the Homemade Creamed Corn with Two Poached Eggs, Crispy Bacon & Sourdough Bread ($17). For drinks, we ordered a Latte ($4) and a Blended Iced Coffee ($6).

Moroccan Style Baked Eggs with Almonds, Organic Feta & Sourdough Bread ($17)
I haven't had baked eggs in a long time and I didn't want to get the generic baked eggs so I decided to try the Moroccan Style Baked Eggs to be a little bit more adventurous for the day. Bad idea, I really do not enjoy eating tomatoes, I don't mind tomato sauce or paste (yum) but pure, thick slices of tomato in it's flesh are not my cup of tea AT ALL! So, this dish was a very under whelming experience that I did not finish. The eggs were perfectly poached but the only other main ingredient was tomato so yeah, it wasn't great to me sadly :( The bread, as usual, was as hard as a rock like any other sourdough bread, which both X and I did not enjoy. The butter spread quite well though! Overall, would not recommend unless you LOVE eating tomatoes then this dish is for you but I really did not enjoy this dish, as all I could taste was pure tomatoes in a watery tomato based sauce. 

Homemade Creamed Corn with Two Poached Eggs, Crispy Bacon & Sourdough Bread ($17)
The Creamed Corn, however, was pretty flavourful, tasty and thick. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish
and so did X! He eats corn often and found this dish to be one of the best corn based dishes he's ever had! So, I'd definitely recommend it but it isn't something I'd come running back for honestly.

Latte ($4)
Blended Iced Coffee ($6)

The latte was quite nice, X managed to finish it before the food even arrived. Makes sense since we did wait a while before the food arrived as the restaurant was awfully packed! My Blended Iced Coffee was also quite nice, and VERY sweet with a bit of honey added to it, which was a very nice addition that enhanced the flavour of the coffee the more you mixed it into the drink. I'd definitely recommend the awesome drinks :) 

Overall, I honestly wouldn't care much to coming back for any of the food that we ordered, but I might come back to try out something different one day. Not anytime soon though. It was a very lack lustre experience in comparison to Rustic Pearl. What was really interesting though was that half way through our meal I looked at the patrons around us and saw Kayne Tremills with two of his friends eating at the table next to us! I felt so dazed because X and I went on New Years Eve and there he was, sitting there eating and talking with his friends about their New Year's Resolution. That was pretty cool.


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